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Unprecedented Frontier


The domains of Robotics and AI are emerging and converging 



The domain is becoming very diverse and vast, with an UNPRECEDENTED spectrum of applications.



new kinds and number of jobs, and demanding AI and Robotics Skills.


The urgency of up-skilling and re-skilling quickly and effectively is UNPRECEDENTED.

Experience the Power of Learning with

Global Institute For Robotics and AI

Our Ambition

At Global Institute For Robotics and AI, we are on an unprecedented voyage to change the way the world learns about Robotics and AI, and the way this knowledge should be harnessed for potential applications in all aspects of businesses and socities.

Robot Engineer


Demystify and Democratize Robotics and AI for betterment of the society.


Enable the knowledge seeker to access the core of the domain, by facilitating the learning through global experts and access to world class infrastructure affordable.


Nurture a cadre of trailblazing experts and innovators, empowered with the precise skills and knowledge to confidently harness and shape the cutting-edge domains of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Aim

With our ever evolving learning, training and certification program, we aim to pave the way for each individual as well as organizations into a subject that shapes both the present and the future of Humanity.

Means to Achieve

At Global Institute For Robotics and AI, we believe in empowering individuals and organizations to innovate and succeed through robotics and AI education. To accomplish this, we provide world-class courses that are accessible, engaging, and effective in preparing learners for the demands of the future.

Exceptional Programs

Artistically Crafted by Renowned Experts, a set of Exceptional Training Programs and Certification Courses in and around the domains of Robotics and AI, both for individuals and organizations.


These courses are customized for a wide variety of audiences, both technical and non technical.

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Our Unique Approach

Hybrid Mode
We believe in flexibility and personalization in learning! Hybrid Mode combines unique advantages of self-paced and instructor-led.

Remote Hands-on
We believe that physical distances should not deprive practical experience on most advanced technologies! We uniquely facilitate Remote Hands-on opportunities.

Hybrid Pace
We believe that engaging and interactive learning experience is a must! Our Hybrid-Mode offer customized courses with optimal combination of online, in-person, in-lab and in-industry mode of training and exposure.

Future Ready
We believe that the knowledge seeker should be empowered to predict about what is coming nextOur meticulously designed curriculum is ensured to be Future Ready, as taught by world-class industry experts, leading academics, renowned scientists and business leaders.

We believe that means to learn should not be monotonous! Our Multi-Modal approach customizes and packs each course with variety of experiences, including Theory, Practical, Live Session, Video Lectures, Interaction with Industry Experts, and Renowned Scientists.

Free Augmentation
We believe that learning should be a continuous journey in the ever emerging era of technologies!  Our Free Augmentation program allows a participant (individual or organization) to attend and get certification on a supplementary new course content free of additional charge, depending upon the emerging topics, scientific and technological developments in the domain or trend in industry (T&C applies).

What to Expect

What is it?

Get solid understanding of the subject matter.

How to do?

This is how things are done practically. This is how applications and businesses are created.

What is good?

Get empowered to take informed decisions.  In business for integrating the technology. In product or service development for strategic and technical planning.

Blackbox? Not Anymore!

This is why it works! Grasp technical and non-technical insights of the domains.

Know the Game and the Players.

Exposure to the world class industry and academy. Understand the potential opportunities and the challenges.

The next move!

Able to identifying the Future opportunities for career, higher study, business and collaboration.

Customized for different...








Higher Studies



Unique Spectrum of Customized Courses

Pillars of Our Global Recognition


No more the pain of trying to swim by wearing a spacesuit!

Our courses different needs and different regions. Thanks to our Global Experts working with Regional Experts, our courses are designed to cater to various skill levels; divided to fit various specialization needs; adapted to address various targeted uses. The foundational programs offer a solid understanding of robotics and AI, the specialized programs provide an in-depth exploration of the subject matter, and applications driven programs help to gain the knowledge for wide ranges of targeted purpose.



Our instructors are world-class industry experts and leading academics, with years of experience in the field of robotics and AI. They bring their expertise to our training programs to provide not only the best learning experience, but also to make the learning useful.


Courses are combined with the right level of hands-on training and exploration opportunities, on the world's advanced systems, enabling to gain practical experience in robotics and AI. The projects and assignments are customized to provide the opportunity to apply learning to real-world scenarios.



We have a strong network of collaborators at Global scale. Our collaborators from Industry, Academics, and Research Labs not only add unique value and quality to the courses and certificates but also open doors for best experience and opportunities for the right candidates.

Foundation - The Beginning

The Destined Dynamic Duality

In the heart of Paris, where history and innovation intertwine, a tale of visionary proportions unfolded. Two formidable groups, each bearing a legacy of excellence, found themselves united over steaming cups of café au lait. Their chance encounter planted a root of conversation that would forever change the landscape of education in the domains of Robotics and AI.


The first group, seasoned Robotics and AI innovators from the corporate world, with a trail of scientific, technological and business accomplishments. Through the years, they had harnessed the power of Robotics and AI, unraveling mysteries and crafting groundbreaking solutions that once seemed unimaginable.


The second group, academic luminaries, custodians of knowledge, and beacon of innovation, held the keys to shaping the minds of the next generation of business and innovation leaders. Deeply rooted in the rich heritage of education, they championed pedagogical excellence and foresaw the winds of change.

Their conviction in the power of education to transform lives was unwavering.


The Guiding Common Purpose


Fate orchestrated a convergence, bringing these two forces together ever at a momentous innovation symposium in Paris. Their unparalleled ability to identify trends and foresee the needs of the future, led them to believe that education and innovation should dance hand-in-hand to drive societal progress.


Hence, a common purpose emerged - to bridge the skill gap in the exhilarating domains of Robotics and AI. Inspired by a collective vision, they decided to take an action with impact, and forged an alliance, vowing to create an educational revolution that would transcend the boundaries of time.

The Birth of Futuristic Education

Soon this idea started to propagate through the neurons of like minded people across the globe and a web of knowledge started to build, to be soon shared with the knowledge seekers.

Thus, the seeds of the Global Institute For Robotics and AI were sown, and the journey of passion, dedication, and innovation began.


The individual members' expertise in robotics and profound understanding of educational systems created a unique synergy that inspired them to envision a place where aspiring minds could find guidance, nurturing, and a plethora of opportunities to thrive in the cutting-edge fields of Robotics and AI.


All together, they crafted a world-class curriculum that blended theory with practicality, fusing academic excellence with industry insights. Their goal was not just to produce graduates but to nurture future leaders and pioneers, embarking on a journey of passion and purpose, who would challenge the status quo and pave the way for transformative advancements.

Our Partners

At Global Institute For Robotics and AI, we work with several partners from diverse sectors to provide the best learning experience and exposure. Our partners include leading companies in the field of robotics and AI, research organizations, global associations, renawned individuals.

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Robot Manufacturers

Smart Vehicle

AI Companies


Global Experts

White Cubes

Innovation Organizations

Empty Street

Leading Institute and Universities

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