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Courses Offered


Conversational AI Demystified

Master the art of Conversational AI, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to advanced techniques.


This comprehensive course covers the basics of Conversational AI, explores popular conversational AI platforms, and dives deep into advanced topics such as Large Language Models (LLMs) and prompt engineering.


By the end of this course, the candidate will have the skills and knowledge to build sophisticated conversational agents that deliver exceptional user experiences for several use cases and application domains.

Robotics for Everyone

Irrespective of a candidate's background, this is an ideal course to get into the vibrant field of Robotics and understand its applications

The aim of this course is to make Robotics available for everyone, by providing contemporary and industry driven quality knowledge, practical experience and exposure to Robotics.


At the end of the course the candidate will have the necessary tools and knowledge about robotics, its future and the diversity of the domain. It will also help in deciding and choosing the right stream and shape the career (industry, research, academics, higher study), in the fast emerging field of Robotics, depending upon the background and interest of the candidate.


Basics of Making an Innovative Robot

This is an innovative course enabling the candidate to practically understand the design and development aspects of a robot.

This building block methodology enables the candidate to expand the knowledge gained through the course and apply for feasibly conceptualizing different kinds of robot designs for different applications.

Humanoid and Service Robots Beyond Sci-Fi

This course is specifically designed to provide the insides of Humanoid Robots, as well as  various services robots in general, the unique challenges such robots have in their design, development and programming , including the application sectors.

The course widens the candidate's understanding about this unique sector of robotics and AI and enables to make informed decisions about the future plans.


Programming Advanced Robots

This course is intended for the robotics enthusiasts, who want to access some of the most advanced robotics tools and platforms, and learn how to program those for real practical applications.

At the end of the course the candidate will be confident to explore various cutting-edge career and higher study opportunities being at the forefront of programming advanced robots for several applications.

Inside an Autonomous Car

Cars are starting to self-drive. The course is carefully crafted to provide insights about the specific technologies and AI tools enabling such vehicles to be autonomous.

At the end of the course, the candidate should be able to make informed decisions and have stronger candidacy with basic skills and knowledge about the domain for future career and study path.


The Flying Drones with AI

Drones are getting intelligent and getting deployed in several applications sectors. The course is designed to provide insights about drones both at hardware and at intelligence which drives it.

The programming and application development exercise enables the candidate to explore further opportunities in this fast emerging domain.

Human Robot Interaction, the Next Frontier

Robots, after being intelligent to sense and act in their work environment, are now becoming intelligent enough to work in human and social environments. The course is specifically designed to give an insiders and industrial perspective on various Human-Robot Interaction modalities and how some specific unique applications can be created by incorporating those.

This enables the candidate to explore higher studies, research or job opportunities in the fast emerging frontier of Human Robot Interaction and Social Robotics, which has applications in several sectors including Healthcare Service Robots,  Collaborative robots in Industry.


Blockchain and AI

The course provides insights about the basics of Blockchain and how AI is getting combined with it. The candidate will gain a comprehensive understanding of how these transformative technologies complement each other and revolutionize various industries, including the aspects of AI data security, transparency, and trustworthiness.


Through hands-on exercises, real-world case studies, and engaging discussions, the candidate will discover how AI can optimize blockchain processes, unlock new possibilities for decentralized applications, and foster the development of autonomous systems.

Robots and AI for Industry 4.0 - 5.0

This cutting-edge course is designed to immerse the candidate in the forefront of technological innovation, where Robots and Artificial Intelligence converge to revolutionize industries. As the world embarks on the journey from the fourth industrial revolution to the fifth, this program equips the candidate with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to harness the full potential of advanced automation and intelligent systems. In application sectors ranging from smart factories to autonomous logistics, the candidate will explore how these transformative technologies are reshaping the landscape of manufacturing, services, and beyond.


At the end of this foundtion course the candidate will be strategically positioned to explore a vast array of future career opportunities in industries, or pursuing higher education in specialized areas.

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